Advocare Review Reveals TRUTH Behind Advocare Scam✔

by Brian on January 30, 2013

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are a bunch of Advocare reviews out there. Unfortunately, not all of them are as honest or informative as you’d like and some even try to spread rumors about an “Advocare scam”. Go ahead an read this article in it’s entirety. I’m confident that my third part review will provide you with the information you’re looking for…. If you’re looking for how to find people that want to join your business, pay close attention to this video.

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Advocare Reviews: Background Information

advocare reviewsAll good Advocare reviews should provide you with some background knowledge. Knowing a little bit about a company can make you feel more comfortable about joining. It can provide you with information that can help you decide whether or not the company is stable and moving in the right direction. Advocare is a network marketing company that distributes health and sport related products. Based out of Plano, Texas, Advocare was founded back in 1993 by Charles Ragus. Ragus was actually a distributor for rival company Herbalife before founding Advocare. The company reportedly employs 247 people globally, but because Advocare has over 100,000 independent distributors, that figure can be misleading. Concerned about a the rumor of an Advocare scam? There massive population of distributors should help put that concern to rest. To be clear, network marketing is a business model in which a company gives independent distributors access to sell their products and earn a commission. Network marketing is also commonly referred to a multi-level marketing, or MLM, because you can earn on multiple levels by recruiting new distributors.

Advocare Review: Product Line

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All quality Advocare reviews are sure to highlight the company’s product line. The company’s highly marketable products are definitely one of the reasons for Advocare’s success. As I mentioned before, Advocare distributes health and wellness products. The company’s products are intended to improve individuals health by ensuring they’re diet includes proper nutrients. Because the health and wellness industry is among the fastest growing in the world, it is safe to say that Advocare has a marketable product line on their hands. Advocare also formulates and distributes healthy supplements for athletes. The company’s product line is not as impressive, but similar to Genesis Pure. Check out my Genesis Pure review here.

Advocare Review: A Money Making Opportunity?

Are you considering a network marketing opportunity with Advocare? This section is for your eyes. Is Advocare a scam? Because this is such a frequently asked question, I’ll go ahead and answer it and get it out of the way.: The answer is a resounding “no”. This is not say there haven’t been scams before. To find out the difference between legitimate opportunities and scams, check out my articles on Zeek Rewards and FHTM. Spoiler Alert: Real business opportunities provide value to distributors and customers. With more than 25 years under their belt, it is safe to say that Advocare is a legitimate business opportunity backed by quality products and an advantageous compensation plan (value). All other legitimate Advocare reviews can vouch for that.


Advocare vs Herbalife vs Genesis Pure vs Isagenix Products vs Arbonne

If you’re wondering if the advocare products are better than the Herbalife products or if Dr. Lindsey’s Genesis Pure products are better than all of them… well it’s all subjective and it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you love the products, are a product of the products, and are constantly exposing your business to NEW people. Whether that means you are giving 3 presentations a day 7 days a week or if you learn to generate mlm leads, you need brand new people constantly learning about your business DAILY. For example, it’s 11:46 am and I’ve already presented my business to 5 people this morning and 10 yesterday. That’s because I leverage an online system. Don’t waste time with searches like “isagenix vs advocare” or “advocare vs Arbonne” and instead learn to attract intrested prospects to you daily through education and marketing. Exactly How to Earn Money with Advocare Most network marketers share a common goal; passive residual income. Residual income is the sort of income successful authors or musicians make. An author writes a book ONE time (or in this case enrolls an individual one time) and is continually paid every time a copy of the book is sold. This sort of income is achievable through Advocare. Because of this, your success with Advocare depends on your ability to find entrepreneurs like yourself. To view the full advocare compensation plan click here Advocare compensation plan Most Advocare reviews do not include the important information I’m about to share with you. When I first got started with my network marketing company, I was told to write down the names of the people closest to me and invite them to a presentation. Not having any other ideas, I did just that. I signed up a few friends and family members. This is your warm market. The problem is that these people are not the people that were going to help me build a business. You have to be able to consistently find people who have an entrepreneurial drive and a willingness to work. Doing this consistently just isn’t possible if you solely depend on people in your social circle. Needless to say, I struggled in network marketing for quite some time. That is until I learned about internet marketing. Marketing is essentially a numbers game. What better place to maximize your Advocare business’s exposure than the world wide web? After learning (and actually DOING) a few internet marketing strategies, I was able to start generating network marketing leads daily. Click here to learn more about the system that has paid out over $20,000,000 to affiliates while helping them build their own business. I hope you found this article to be more helpful than other Advocare reviews.

What Can Marketing Do For Your Advocare Business?

For 4 years Marion struggled to make more than $4,000… She cold called home business leads, chased her friends and family, and her best year was only $4,000… For the year! Until she plugged into a simple system. She attributes her recent success to the simplicity of the system and the community’s interactive “personal touch” that guided her every step of the way. large-letmeinnow

Using Facebook to Recruit New Distributors

Facebook has 1 billion ACTIVE members every month. That number is staggering to say the least.

The manual way would be to join groups of people looking to make money, start a business, get healthy, or lose weight! You join those groups, start helping the people in it, become a trusted adviser, and then in private conversation.. you see if they are interested in learning more about what you do.

A better way would be to learn internet marketing, run an ad on facebook targeting those same people, sell your products to them… and recruit customers into your downline. If more info on how this works, join my facebook group

Advocare Income Disclosure from 2011

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Advocare was founded in 1993 in Carrollton Texas. I actually live about 30 minutes east of there! The most recent advocare income discloure that I could find is from 2011 Click on the image below to view Empower Network’s LIVE Income Disclaimer advocare income disclosure disclaimer

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I have seen a million diet plans out there and really do not think any of them work.  What works is changing your eating habits and maintaining your health.

I started the 24 day challenge at day 11, so I started backwards and have not started the day 1-10 day portion of the challenge as of yet.  My starting weight was 237.7 and 3 weeks later (yes, 1 week after the 14 day portion) my weight has dropped from 237.7 to 218.4.  Advocare helped in curbing my eating habits and gave me the self discipline required to start minimal exercising and watching what I eat and how much I eat.  Everyone wants to know if it is worth the money.  I cannot say that anything is really worth the money, but I can say that it really was worth the investment to me.  I will continue to use the Advocare products until I can maintain my weight without the use of foreign supplements.

Brian Couch
Brian Couch

I just got back from Denver Lis and I had a great time! I hope my review helped you make a decision with finding the business you are looking for. Reach out to me on facebook if you have any other questions

Brian Couch
Brian Couch

Thanks for your comment Karen! I have full faith that the products work and I agree that there definitely is no Advocare scam. Congratulations on your results! Stick with it, be consistent, and I'm sure you'll hit your weight loss goals

Lis Shepard
Lis Shepard

Thanks for the review. I'm looking for a business as well as an aid for clients who are on that stubborn edge. The real issue for me is that many as well as myself are clients who are subject to comprehensive drugs testing for sport and I am not a fan of popping pills etc. I am educated, board certified, and study exercise science. I am also a resource for friends and like to make informed decisions.

Karen Churchill Wilkison
Karen Churchill Wilkison

OK, so here is an honest opinion from someone who is still has three days left on the 24 Day Challenge. I have lost 8 pounds so far, and it probably would have been more if I hadn't had a couple of cheat days. I never would have given this a chance if it hadn't been for my sister selling it. I figured, well, why not. So I got my products, and loved the fact that a booklet came with it that told me what to take on what days. I joined a gym and started a high-protein, low carb diet. Yes, I had cheat days. One night I had an entire dish of tortellini and two bread sticks. And I never gave up coffee, either. But I took the supplements, work out 4-5 a week, and drink nothing but water (my choice). And I've lost 8 pounds. Yes, the products are expensive. When I am done, I will probably go to a regular protein shake in the mornings, but I will get something that has similar ingredients as the Advocare. I will stick with the vitamins because they work for me (speaking as someone who LOATHES taking any pills!) Advocare is NOT a scam. It is endorsed by NON-paid athletes. And they are clearly doing something right if millions of people are taking their products.

David Cohen
David Cohen

Thanks Brian... appreciate the review on Advocare.

Brian Couch
Brian Couch

I'm glad it was helpful David! Thanks for your comment

John Holt
John Holt

It's a scam and you are an idiot for trying to prey on people for your own gain. Ask anyone who DOESN'T have something to gain and they will tell you the same thing. Overpriced products. And I am a CSN, so try to use science versus your marketing buzzwords when you morons who drank the kool aid want to argue.

Brian Couch
Brian Couch

I'm going to leave this negative comment here as an example of the EXACT type of person that you want to TURN OFF in your marketing. You see, through marketing you can target like minded individuals and allow those that ARE interested to opt in for more information. Then, when they have already seen what you have to offer and still express interest, then you can call them up and get them started in your Advocare business. Since adding this QUALIFYING process to my business, I only see a comment from a negative person and don't have to ruin an hour of my day talking with them.

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