How to Get Free MLM Leads

by Brian on January 16, 2013

In the market for some free MLM leads? Aren’t we all…. The fact that you’re even looking for free MLM leads is a great start. After all, every single successful network marketer built their business by recruiting.

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Your Warm Market has Cooled. Where will you find Free MLM Leads?

If you can learn how to consistently generate free MLM leads, you’ll have far more people to share your business with. If you’re anything like most people, you had no idea how to generate free MLM leads when you first got started. You were probably asked initially to share your business opportunity with your “warm market”. In this industry, “warm market” is a fancy term for relatives, coworkers and friends. At this point in your MLM business venture, your warm market is depleted. Your siblings and cubicle

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buddies are all aware of your entrepreneurship. This is typically where network marketing business’s whither and die. This market doesn’t seem so warm after all. So what will you do now for free MLM leads?freemlmleads All great network marketers are great leaders. As a leader, it is your job to find an efficient strategy to extract leads from the cold market and convert them. After learning how to recruit free MLM leads properly, you can teach your team and increase your earning potential exponentially. Keep reading to learn exactly how to generate free MLM leads using proven internet marketing strategies.

Blog Your Way to Free MLM Leads

The internet services hoards of people a day. And I’m not just talking about porn. If you need a product, service, or even a business/employment opportunity, you turn to the internet. That’s the nature of our modern economy. Because we’re all so damn internet dependent, creating blog content can be an incredibly useful marketing strategy. If you learn to do so correctly, you can literally blog your way to free MLM leads. Free MLM Leads: Who is Your Target Audience? When blogging as a marketing strategy, your first step is keyword research. By using keyword research tools, you can find out exactly what people in your target market are searching for on Google. Make More Money I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself. The first thing you need to do as a network marketer is determine your target market/audience. I’ll make this simple. Your target market consists of people looking to start a business. After conducting keyword research, you will find that tons of people globally are interested in what you have to offer.

Example Search Terms:

  • “how to start an at home business”
  • “work from home opportunities”
  • “how to get free mlm leads”
  • “what kind of business can I start”

Tens of thousands a people from all over the world are looking for these opportunities monthly online. By writing blog posts using these popular search terms, you can generate free MLM leads. The amount of visitors your blog attracts is measured in traffic. The traffic you receive from blogging is considered organic traffic. Organic traffic is free. Before I go any further, you should know that blogging for free MLM leads is increasingly effective when paired with an attraction marketing system. Click here to learn more about the lucrative solution to a complicated internet marketing world. In order to generate free MLM leads through blogging, you will have to learn some SEO; or search engine optimization. Free MLM leads are great. That being said, investing money into your business can really make a difference. Feel free to check out my blog post on the best paid traffic sources. This is the exact strategy I use to generate 18 cent MLM leads.

Generate Free MLM Leads on Facebook

Don’t overlook the value of social networking when looking to generate free MLM leads. As you probably know, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are among the world’s most trafficked websites. While most of use these platforms for fun, they can actually serve as a potent marketing tool. Establish a social media presence on Facebook by joining groups and adding friends with similar interests. You can then begin to provide value and interact with these people. Keep in mind that these are people you would have never met in the real world. Click Here To Learn How to Generate 400-500 Leads Per Month Like Clockwork Using this FREE Strategy!

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how to generate free leads on facebook

Keep in mind that education is important. But knowledge is only valuable when it is implemented. You’ve now learned a couple of strategies used to attract free MLM leads, now go DO IT.

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