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by Brian on January 7, 2013

Learning how to start affiliate marketing can be extremely profitable. That being said ACTUALLY marketing is far more useful. It’s definitely safe to say that I learned this the hard way. I spent all of my time learning and much less time “doing”.

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This is not to say that learning isn’t important. Learning how to start affiliate marketing is absolutely vital to your success. This article will provide you with exactly what you need to know about getting started in the affiliate marketing field. If you hang on for a few minutes after I share the basics, I will share with you exactly how to earn big in the internet marketing industry.

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Let it be known that affiliate marketing can be incredibly rewarding in various ways. I know it has for me! Earning thousands and thousands of dollars from anywhere with an internet connection is awesome….But having the freedom to spend my time as I choose is even more bad ass. The key is to commitment and consistency. Never stop working and never stop learning. Success will find you faster than you can imagine.

Just watch out for affiliate marketing scams!

Make More Money

Now that I’ve utilized my motivational soapbox, I’ll step down and show you exactly how to start affiliate marketing.

Wondering How to Start Affiliate Marketing?: Look Out Below!

Learning how to start affiliate marketing is incredibly easy. The following explanation is about as straight forward as it gets. I wish someone would have simplified affiliate marketing for me when I first started learning how to do affiliate marketing!


Affiliate marketers are paid a commission to promote a company’s products. These marketers are independent from the company, but can earn an income by increasing products/services exposure. In case you haven’t grasped this, affiliate marketing is done online.

Last “Cyber Monday” (The online world’s answer to “Black Friday”) consumer spent well over 1 billion dollars. It’s safe to say that affiliate marketers profited greatly this holiday season. Remember, learning how to start affiliate marketing is crucial, but taking immediate action is the key!

Learning How to Start Affiliate Marketing: Count to 3

To provide you with firm base of understanding, I’ve broken down the affiliate marketing process into 3 easy to follow steps. After you review that steps on how to start affiliate marketing, I’ll show you how to bypass the industry’s typical struggles and earn big money fast.

1. The first step is to sign up as an affiliate. Doing so will give you access to promote their products. You’ll be asked for some personal information and then you’ll be approved shortly. Yep. Learning how to start affiliate marketing is that easy.

2. The next step is obviously marketing/promotion. Popular internet marketing techniques include blogging, websites, paid ads, and sales videos. They key is to drive traffic and consequently increase exposure.

3. Once you’ve learned to generate traffic and leads, you will begin to earn a commission on each product sold. (most affiliate programs pay out between 4-8%)

IMPORTANT: This is where you really need to pay attention. We all know that affiliate marketing is an advantageous business opportunity. While the products, business, services you are promoting are important, they aren’t near as important as HOW you market.

Make More Money

Setting up and running a successful affiliate marketing business can be time consuming and costly. I definitely found this to be true in my personal experiences. I struggled in the industry until I found a remarkably efficient marketing system that provided me with an authority website, blog, sales funnel, and capture pages.

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I truly hope this article has taught you how to start affiliate marketing.

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Catherine Albert
Catherine Albert

Def a good start to affiliate marketing. My blog is similar but a little more detailed that information pertaining to a really helpful program!

Stephanie Vega
Stephanie Vega

I guess it comes down to the right combination of traffic generation and a product with a certain appeal to a niche of people.

Shavanka Gallage
Shavanka Gallage

hello can u tell me how and where we can take our money which we earn.

Brian Couch
Brian Couch

That's right Stephanie! I'm from San Antonio and took some summer classes at UTSA

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