Legal Shield Reviews -Do They Really Hand You Top Rated Law Access For $20 Bucks?

by Brian on March 3, 2013

legal shield reviews

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If you have been in business and this is your first time seeing legal shield reviews, I will be a little surprised. The reason that would be surprising is because Legal Shield has been in business for 40 years now. The company name gives away what is it they do. They provide legal services to over 1.4 million families throughout U.S. and Canada.

Throughout these Legal Shield Reviews I am going to educate you on their legal services as well as their business plan. You may be wondering if there service is worth it and if it can really protect you? Very valid questions. Legal shield revolved around one low monthly fee, these legal expense plans, or memberships, offer multiple different legal services. As a member you will get direct access to their provider law firm. These providers last year alone handled 2.1 million calls from members. Pretty impressive. But are these providers the real deal? Are they going to be worth the monthly membership? Legal Shield carefully selects quality provider firms and monitors them to assure their members are getting the best of the best. Lets rewind a little bit and share the company background that is Legal Shield. Just like any other start up company Legal Shield has its beginnings in Ada, Oklahoma. They started with a vision to provide outstanding legal coverage by quality law firms at an affordable price. Think about this… If God forbid you do run into legal issues you want to be represented by the best. Right? The only problem is the best typically come with a hefty price tag attached to the services. Legal Shield has found a solution. By them doing this in “bulk” or mass quantity of memberships they can pay top dollar to the best law firms. They can do this with sheer volume. Because Legal Shield serves more then 1.4 million members in 49 states they have ninja negotiating powers! OK maybe not Bruce Lee action packed ninja skills… but they can get you the lowest prices team possible. Makes perfect sense to me. It must to a lot of other people as well because Legal Shield has grown to 170,000 square foot office with over 700 hundred employees. Obviously they have found a niche that yields the demands of legal services.

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Legal Shield Reviews- What Are The Memberships?

For as little as $20 monthly you can always have access to a top notch legal team. Legal Shield provides two memberships.

  • Individual plans
  • Business plans

After you purchase your membership you call your provider firm to put your new lawyer to work for you. Legal Shield even provides 24/7 access for emergencies. With all the facts above its pretty clear why they have been around for 40 plus years and according to Google Trends, they are even more popular!

Legal Shield Reviews- Can You Become A Legal Shield Broker?

Yes! As a matter a fact you can become a broker. Here is a fun little fact that I was blown away by. Each year 2 million PLUS requests are made for legal assistance. Did you know that? If your looking to become a broker Legal Shield can definitely help you over deliver on this need in the market place. Legal Shield uses the Network Marketing business model to compensate their brokers. They are backed by the direct selling association and are a solid company to partner with in my opinion. If your looking to transition out of your current job and into a home based business this may be the fit for you to achieve that goal. I would highly recommend before taking the next step to research a marketing plan. Its the unfortunate fact that 85% of home based business owners fail within their first 3 years. This is not due to lack of company training, products or leadership. Its due to mis information and not enough of the right education. In today marketplace any successful business is utilizing the Internet phenomenon. Google, Facebook, You Tube, Blogging all these Internet sensation have changed the way we build our home based business. Again these are the facts not the hype. Just go look around for yourself. See what fortune 500 companies are running multi-million dollar Facebook campaigns online. See what Fortune 500 companies are now blogging! It is a new day and age. With the click of a button and a solid marketing funnel your business can be international. Lets get right into showing you how to pair Legal Shield with a equally powerful marketing system. Click here and lets get you on the other side of these home based business statics.

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Gail F. Neal
Gail F. Neal

I have used Legal shield since 2000, my background is telcom. I did not know how to negotiate the modification of my home, or getting my mother in Oklahoma out of a caretaker neglect situation with her husband. I made the call and Legal Shield advised me so not to put my foot in my mouth. Knowledge is power and that's what you gain when you have any service of this type. And they are quick to respond while other go through the phone book or internet to find a lawyer while in some cases the evidence is getting old and possibly covered up as the days pass. Oh and by the way that is why I now sale the product.

Jennifer Darnell
Jennifer Darnell

Fascinating concept. Who knew you could market legal services? It's one of those things you never knew you needed until you need and then you sure are glad you have it!

Brian Couch
Brian Couch

Wonderful testimonial Gail! Thank you very much for your comment. If anyone is considering joining Legal Shield, I find that people who have personal reasons for selling the product, usually do much better as sponsors. Gail would be a great person to join! Be sure to partner with a marketing system that will help you continue to build even after you run out of warm market contacts.

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