Qivana Reviews: The Real Deal?

by Brian on February 13, 2013

Qivana ScamYou’re in the internet looking for Qivana reviews today because you are either interested in the business opportunity or you are looking for more information on the products. Either way, I commend you on your willingness to research something before making an investment. If you are asking “Can you make money with Qivana?” Then read on because you’re going to be surprised with what it actually takes. When you are looking for Qivana reviews with this sort of information, it is always useful to find one written by a person with no horse in the race. In an attempt to provide you with this information in an unbiased manner, here’s my 3rd party reviews of the Qivana business opportunity and products.

3 Types of Qivana Reviews

As you may have already found out, most Qivana reviews are written in one of the three following styles…

  1. Some Qivana reviews are written by overly excited distributors who make it seem as if they could not breathe without the products. These are the reviews written by the type of person with a coffee addiction or amphetamine habit.
  2. Other Qivana reviews are written by people selling information, ebooks, etc. Their goal is to make it seem as if it is impossible to succeed in marketing without buying something from them. These articles tend to lack actually information about Qivana products.
  3. You’re also going to come across Qivana reviews that are written by people who just hate network marketing with a passion. These MLM bashers are stirring up controversy in a cauldron of hate. That was an incredible dramatic way of saying these reviews are written by someone with a personal vendetta against a perfectly legitimate marketing industry. Who knows why these people are so irritated….maybe their mother dedicated her life to Mary Kay and taxied them around in an embarrassingly pink caddy. I hope to avoid any and all of these stereotypes by hitting you guys with some truth.

Qivana Reviews: Company Background

Qivana is a company that produces health and wellness products and distributes them using the direct sales model. Direct sales, or MLM/network marketing, is a marketing model that allows product users to build a business by distributing products and recruiting new distributors. Like many other network marketing companies, Qivana is based out of Utah. This successful network marketing health and wellness company is operated by 5 tenured executives with rich histories in the network marketing industry. Leadership quality is definitely something you have to take into consideration when analyzing a business opportunity like this.

Qivana Reviews: Product Information

Qivana is a company that uses Synergistic Health Systems to create a less confusing way of taking the right supplements. While most companies either give you just one of the many products you need or a list of too many products which can be overwhelming. Qivana gives you a straight forward way to improve your overall health. The four categories Qivana uses to accomplish this are:

  • Qore probiotics
  • Qore essentials
  • Qore defense
  • Qore detox

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how to make money with qivana reviews

Qivana Reviews: Can I Really Make Money?

A popular question surrounding Qivana reviews tends to be “is this a scam?”. After reviewing the company, I definitely feel safe in saving that there is no Qivana scam. Qivana is a legitiamte home based business opportunity. In addition, the Qivana leadership and marketable products make it a potentially promising business opportunity. Now, can anyone make money with Qivana? It is hard to ignore the fact that more than 90% of network marketers never report a profit. That being said, this overwhelming failure rate is NOT the fault of shady companies or faulty products. People tend to fail in this industry because they have no idea how to market.

You can read the full qivana compensation plan pdf here (Opens in a new window and loads slowly)

If you decide to get involved after reading Qivana reviews, your upline is going to stress the importance of recruiting new members. After all, this is where the big money is made. Yes, you can make money purely through product sales; but not the big money. When I first got started with my network marketing company, I was told to make a list of the ten people closest to me and then invite them to a presentation. Don’t be surprised if this is recommended to you. I followed my upline’s advice and ended up enrolling a few friends and family. This “warm market” gave me a little bit of a jumpstart, but shortly after I realized I was stuck. I’d approached all of my friends and family already. Where else do I find these mlm leads? I was stuck in this rut until I had a breakthrough… I realized that the aforementioned network marketing strategy was outdated, unreliable, and slow. Why? Because of the internet. By learning a few simple internet marketing techniques, I was able to start waking up every single day to emails from potential customers and team members. The internet essentially allows a business to be in multiple places at one time. A truly leveraged, residual, automated, income!

If your business isn’t online in 2013, your business will have a hard time staying a business. Click here to find out how I was able to build a business while having a life. I hope this article stands out from the biased Qivana reviews.

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how to make money with qivana reviews

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