Stella & Dot Review: MUST Read Before Enrolling

by Brian on December 21, 2012

There are only a couple of reasons as to why you’ve stumbled upon this Stella & Dot review today. Either you’re looking to find out more about the company, or you’re already a Stella & Dot distributor. Either way, you stand to learn quite a bit in the next few minutes. Before I tell you exactly how to have an endless stream of interested prospects contact you daily on autopilot, let’s go over a basic Stella & Dot review. (P.S. below the 2nd video on this page I show you exactly how to generate 400-500 leads a month for FREE on facebook) Make More Money

Stella & Dot Review: Marketable Products

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Stella & Dot is a network marketing company that sells jewelry and decorative accessories. Their products range anywhere from $20 to $250. Celebrities such as Katy Perry and Emma Roberts have been known to wear Stella & Dot pieces. Anything from rings and necklaces to stylish iPad cases can be purchased from the company. As I mentioned before, Stella & Dot is a network marketing company that the company sells its products through independent distributors. This means that everyone interested is given an opportunity to build a business independently by selling Stella & Dot products. Hosting product parties is a very popular way for distributors to earn with the Stella and Dot. A distributor that hosts a product party stands to make between 25% and 30% commission on the items sold. Pretty decent little chunk of change considering the limited overhead distributors

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are required to pay. 30% commission may sound nice, but selling jewelry to friends can only be so profitable. This is where I introduce the real money-making possibilities. In any direct sales, multi-level marketing, or network marketing company, the real money is made by recruiting new distributors. When a Stella & Dot distributor enrolls a new distributor, he or she now stands to make additional commission on that person’s sales volume as well. To be clear, Stella & Dot is a legitimate business opportunity. Their line of highly marketable products combined with their advantageous compensation plan make for an appealing entrepreneurial opportunity. While this may be the case, a quality product line isn’t going to make you enough money to replace your 40 hour a week job. If you want to replace your weekly grind with thousands of dollars of passive residual income, I suggest paying close attention to the next section of this Stella & Dot review.

Stella & Dot Review: Earning Some Serious Money

Earning the big bucks with Stella & Dot requires you to consistently generate leads. I don”t mean just any lead here. I mean TARGETED QUALIFIED leads. These are people that are actively interested in changing their lives and building a business. But how do you find these motivated individuals who share you entrepreneurial spirit? If you started network marketing before reading my Stella & Dot review, you were probably told by the person who recruited you to go home and make a list. On this list you were supposed to name every person of influence and affluence in your life. The next step was to invite them to a weekly meeting. It’s safe to say that this method works for very few people. If you want to earn an income marketing, learn how to market and use a proven system! The world is full of qualified leads. It’s up to you to find them. With each enrollment, your Stella & Dot earning potential increases exponentially. Have you ever heard the phrase “there is no reason to reinvent the wheel”? Of course you have. That notion applies perfectly to this scenario. Why develop your own lead generation system when a perfectly good one already exists? Click below to find out exactly how you can attract tons of online Stella & Dot leads on autopilot. Make More Money I hope this Stella & Dot review answered the questions you had about the company and business opportunity.

What Can Online Marketing Do For Your Stella and Dot Business?

For 4 years Marion struggled to make more than $4,000… Until she plugged into this simple system. She attributes her recent success to the simplicity of the system and the community’s interactive “personal touch” that guided her every step of the way. large-letmeinnow

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Great review! I'd be willing to be telling people celebrities buy these very reasonably priced pieces would be a great selling point.

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