Step 1: Get Into The Inner Circle To Set Your Mind On The Right Course For Internet Marketing.


Listen to them “DAILY” to prepare you for what is to come and “HOW” to build online.
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Step 2: Let’s Wrap Your Brain Around $1,000 – $3,000 DAILY Commissions

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Team Welcome EMAIL  

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Subject: Welcome to Team Take Massive Action!

Congratulations on Joining the Coolest
Empower Network Team out there!

When you enroll new paid members on
your Empower Network team, then you
will want to copy and paste this email
and send it to them to help get them
started fast and effectively to make $$$!
I look forward to working with you!
When you have questions, you ask them in
this group.  That way everyone can benefit
from your answers.  We believe in “group”
mentorship here on our team, and this is
your chance to engage with the team.
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Access dozens of bonus training videos,
tutorials, resources and more!  As you
upgrade levels with Empower Network, you
will get access to additional sections here as
well.  Including the INNER CIRCLE section,
which is a no-brainer because of TONS of
additional training available in that section
to help you grow a massive business!
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Action Step
After you have completed the setup on
the team website above, click on this link.
Then download and listen to the Week 5 training
over "Income producing activities" What Chris
teaches on that training is how he was able to
make $136,000 part-time in 7 months with free
marketing strategies during the birth of his
2nd child and long hours at a salary position.


This is how master marketers stay in contact
on complete autopilot! This is a MUST
On the link above you can sign up for
Aweber and import your autoresponder files.

You will need the following code:


Make sure that you copy it exactly, with no
spaces.  If you are having problems, just try
it again and see if it works. If you can’t figure
it out, then ask in the Facebook Group.
After you import the emails, be sure to
change the global text snippets with your
name and username. This is all explained in
the video when you click the link above.
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We have developed dozens of custom
marketing pages that you can use with your
ID at the end, and get credit for opt-ins and
sales!  Simply create your account, add your
aweber list name, and test out your links to
make sure that they all work.
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We call ourselves Team Take Massive
Action because that’s exactly what we do!
And we REWARD those in our team that
take massive action as well!  If you
personally purchase ALL of the products
offered in Empower Network, you will
instantly be qualified to earn commissions
on them all.  But you will also instantly be
qualified to be part of our Masters Co-Op!
You should take a few minutes to read
more and learn about this because it’s a
time-sensitive offer!
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Take some time to watch these videos and
you should also consider embedding them
into your blog posts and writing about them!
In the beginning before you have success
with Empower Network, it’s important to
leverage the success of others.  Then,
one day you will have created an awesome
story and we will be leveraging YOUR
results to help the new people!
You Can Do It!
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In summary, I want to officially welcome you
to the team!  Please introduce yourself in
the Facebook Group and take advantage
of these amazing resources that you now
have access to.


Quick Tip :

  1. First 7 days dive into our products even if it’s 100% of your time
  2. After that…. day 8 + you will want to do 75% MARKETING and 25% Learning. Daily.
  3. As for blogging daily, read this next part twice and really allow it sink in...


To Your Success,
Brian Couch

P.S. 8 Core Steps In Empower That You MUST Follow To Be A High End Income Producer

*income disclaimer – results not typical but we are a shining example of what is possible ;) *